Innovative Racecraft Wings with Adjustable Struts

We are now offering fabricated aluminum wings for your car. Not only will you increase rear downforce    and traction you will
set a whole new look with one of our fabricated wings. We are offering strutless as our standard wing when applicable. Include Adjustable Struts
We are offering wings for the following cars as of now:

-1978-81 Chevrolet Malibu

-1979-93 Ford Mustang Coupe/Hatch

-1981-88 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

-1994-98 Mustang


-USA made aluminum construction
-Strutless design for quick trunk access
-15” length standard size
-Stainless hardware included
-Custom side panels also available
-Come ready to install at home or at the shop

Innovative Racecraft Wings with Adjustable Struts
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  • Item #: IR-STRWING
  • Manufacturer: Innovative Racecraft
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Price $479.00